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An all-inclusive beauty for the future

Photo By: elle.com


AnaBella Lassiter, Staff Writer

As the world begins to embrace the beauty emitted by all women, so have multiple retail stores. Models have become diverse in weight, height, and color. Clothing has been designed to flatter all shapes, from creating numerous new color options to different cuts. One industry that has been deeply impacted is lingerie.

It is no surprise that Victoria’s Secret is the leading department store when it comes to lingerie. However, other companies are beginning to catch up and even surpass Victoria’s Secret due to their new advertising campaigns.

One company doing just this is Rihanna's new lingerie line, Savage X Fenty. Her new bras and underwear, if one were to visit the site, is modeled by women of multiple sizes and races. Not only is this empowering for women, but it sends a whole new message to consumers.

Another company who has not only embodied this message of all women being beautiful but has completely changed is Aerie. Aerie is a lingerie store owned by American Eagle. Both companies have made changes to their advertising techniques to be more inclusive of all women. However, Aerie has really taken it to the next level.

“In today’s society, there is this picture of how women are suppose to look, but Aerie put that to flames,” says Aerie employee, Kylie Swanson. “Aerie is showing women it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to not be like everyone else.”

Swanson began working at Aerie last summer and has been stunned by the changes that the store has made to be accepting of women and all the forms they come in as they continue to push their new campaign, Aerie Real.

Aerie Real is a campaign that stands for the idea of real women being beautiful. With photos that are not retouched and women with multiple differences that make them stand out, Aerie not only took the lingerie market by storm but they have really touched the hearts of women.

“I think after the Aerie Real campaign, there was a more personal connection between the customer, employees and company as a whole,” says Swanson. “Shopping there, after the campaign, allowed for a more open and relaxing experience… Women aren’t shy about telling the employees their bra size or feel embarrassed about their body. And I think the world needs more of that.”

Aerie extended the sizes offered to consumers, and they also brought on a whole team of new models. What is even more interesting about this is that some of the models are not professional models but, in fact, women they chose at random. These women model in Aerie’s bras, bralettes, and underwear. The photos are what are then posted on the Aerie website to advertise their products.

“I think the company itself brought out the best in girls,” Swanson explained. “Aerie made girls all across the world feel comfortable in their own skin. The models for Aerie are not the stereotypical models; they have cellulite, stretch marks, imperfections that allow other women to embrace their body.”

Despite this positive change, how does this reflect on stores like Victoria’s Secret?

Last year, Victoria’s Secret carried on with their “Perfect Body” campaign in which all of the famous Victoria’s Secret models were photographed together in different bras and underwear. Despite the beauty of the women, it did not go over well with the public. According to The Huffington Post, women in the United Kingdom were disgusted by the advertisements as they implied a very narrow-minded idea of what a woman should be.

Some companies even responded to the campaign by using the message, “The Perfect Body”. Dear Kate, an underwear company, photographed a group of beautiful women ranging in size, shape, and race to combat the message Victoria’s Secret was sending.

With all of this being said, it appears that an all-inclusive beauty is the future of fashion. Whether Victoria Secret’s embraces this message is a question only they can answer. However, what is known is that many companies are embracing women and Aerie is at the forefront of this hug.