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Bachelor Nation goes from paradise to palace


Katherine Bagdon, Contributing Writer

 Far away on a luxurious tropical beach in Mexico, every summer men and women are sent to find love. Week after week, new men and women are added to tempt the strong couples apart or hopefully be the right match for someone who hasn’t found a partner yet. By the end of the week, roses are handed out to the strongest couples. The lonely individuals without a rose are removed from the island, leaving without the love they came looking for. The individuals who show up aren’t just any random people, they’re from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” who didn’t find the love they were hoping for, so they come to a new show, “Bachelor in Paradise.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” is a show full of drama and romance. This season, it featured many of America’s favorites such as John Paul Jones, Mike Johnson, Dylan Pettit, Hannah Godwin, Demi Burnett, and Katie Morton. Fans fell in love with Hannah and Dylan’s relationship and cheered as they left the show engaged during the finale. When John Paul Jones and Tayshia broke up, fans’ hearts broke along with them, but were mended again when they found out the two lovebirds got back together and are now dating in real life instead of on a TV show. Although the season was full of drama, many couples were still able to find love and leave with either an engagement or a solid relationship to build on. Even Chris Bukowski, the man with a reputation for being on the most Bachelor Nation shows, finally left with an engagement to Katie Morton.

During the finale, host Chris Harrison finally announced the most anticipated question of the summer: who will be the next bachelor? Well, buckle up ladies and gentlemen, because Peter “Pilot Pete” Weber is coming to the Bachelor Mansion and flying us through this upcoming season of “The Bachelor!” Peter captured the hearts of people all around the country on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette” this past summer. From his fascinating career as a pilot all the way to his sweet personality and loving family during hometowns, Peter seemed like the whole package. Viewers were heartbroken and confused when Hannah sent him home. Being the Bachelor will finally give Peter another chance to find his lifelong copilot.

Although his season will undoubtedly be “the most dramatic season in bachelor history,” as Chris Harrison always says, Peter will get to meet and form relationships with 25 women. Week after week, he will hand out roses to the women he wants to keep around and send the rest home, until hopefully the last one standing is the love of his life that he’s been searching for. Every season, it’s painful to watch when the Bachelor we sympathize with falls for the season villain and viewers fear he’s going to choose the wrong woman and be left alone once again. With any luck, Peter will be able to avoid this horrible fate and find his true love. Stay tuned on January 6 to follow along with Peter on his journey to find love during the 24th season of “The Bachelor.”