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Behrend's literary journal publishes its newest edition


Courtney Heinnickel, Staff Writer

Lake Effect Review Behrend recently released its newest edition of “Lake Effect” for 2019. “Lake Effect” is Behrend’s own literary journal that is published through the school and releases a collection of stories once every year. The stories are sent into the school from all over the world and the book is comprised of different poems and short stories.

To give a little more background on the journal, it was first published in 1996 here at Behrend. It is notable among University-sponsored literary journals in that its editorial staff is undergraduate students. Most other University-sponsored literary journals have MFA students who are involved in the editorial work.

Lake Effect seeks to publish literary fiction and nonfiction and poetry of the highest quality by established and new and emerging writers from across the country and, in translation, from around the world, and to give that work an attractive venue.

The journal gives writers a chance for their voice to be heard and to develop an outlet for their creative works. Writers can submit up to 4 different works each year to be reviewed and potentially picked for the journal. Lake Effect just published volume 23 for their spring publication. The journal consists of 5 fictional short stories, 34 poems, and 2 non fiction stories.

One short story that I personally enjoyed was by Carley Gomez titled Defacing My Father’s Statue. The story talks about a young boy telling his story about his father and learning more and more about who he was before he died. His father never treated him well and he plotted to deface the statue that was depicted of him. However, when the time came to destroy it, he reconsidered and couldn’t do it. One thing that the reader may notice when looking through these works is that many of the poems are by the same people.

Two really interesting poems by T.J. McLemore titled Accretion and Love Poem: Pareidolia really caught my eye when reading through the poems. The spacing in these poems catches the eyes and they are beautifully written with elaborate wording. The author clearly spent a lot of time deciding how to word things and where to break up the lines. Accretion paints a pretty picture of imagery as well with its descriptions.

Another good poem is by William Cullen. The poem is titled Another Season and discusses the feelings and thoughts that go through a fisherman’s mind when out on the lake. The attention to detail is also very nice to read and imagine.

The nice thing about this journal is that there is always something for everyone. For those that don’t enjoy reading all the time, these stories offer some aspect of relating the topic to the readers.

For those that are interested in Lake Effect, the is a class offered as a one-credit course. The class is taught by Dr. George Looney and allows students to meet once a week to comb through all of the submitted works and help decide which ones will be published in the next journal.