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Birthdays: What to buy your gamer friend


Francesco Corso, News Editor 

Got a best friend or special someone, who’s a gamer, that you need to buy a gift for? If you’re not a gamer, it can be hard to figure out what a gamer would like in a gift. This dilemma may have you confused as what to buy. Have no fear, this guide has got you covered.

While the label “gamer” is often applied to anyone who plays video games, but that term is still very broad, and not super helpful when trying to come up with gift ideas. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a large number of titles to choose from. Take some time to figure out what games this person likes, and what platforms they play on. Does this person like to play “The Legend of Zelda” on Nintendo Switch, or are they playing “Destiny” on PS4? Maybe this friend is really into retro arcade games. Take some time and figure this out, this is a very important piece of information.

With that out of the way, here are some ideas of gifts to buy.


Console Accessories

This is probably the most obvious thing to buy, but it can also be the most expensive. Common accessories that one could buy include controllers, or carrying cases, if the person you’re buying for likes to play on portable systems like the Nintendo Switch. The biggest thing to be careful of with this is, depending on the accessory, especially in the case of peripherals (such as controllers), is that the accessory in question is officially licensed by the console manufacturer. Third party peripherals may be cheaper, but they can often be of a lesser quality, and lack certain necessary features. General rule of thumb, only buy something that has the console manufacturer’s logo on it.


Phone Cases

Let’s face it, we all have dropped our phones at some point. Gamers are no exception. Why not make sure their phone stays protected with a stylish protective covering, adorned with iconography from their favorite game? Like most other things on this list, the internet is your friend here. A good website for this is RedBubble, which offers tons of case designs to choose from, for any number of phones. Just type in the name of the game and a multitude of options will pop up.



A common way to express one’s love of something is through clothing. This is very common with those who follow bands, and buy their t-shirts. It is no different for games. Check Amazon, and you can find a wide variety of t-shirts, baseball caps, hoodies and much more, for pretty much every game imaginable. In terms of what to buy, the name of the game here is subtlety. It is best to avoid the shirt with the giant Mario on it, and rather go for something that doesn’t have a character or logo plastered on it. Go for something that has a symbol from the game (but no text) or some reference or joke to the game in question.


Display Accessories

Another thing one could always go for is buying some type of display accessory, like a poster or a stand up figure. Brands like Funko offer little chibi figures of characters from every franchise imaginable. In addition, one can always purchase styling large posters for display in one’s dorm room, either from the internet or the poster sale that happens every semester at Behrend.


Gift Cards

Probably the easiest way to go, and a pretty quick out if you still don’t know what to get. The person you’re buying know what they would like more than you ever would, so why not let them have power over what they get. Gift cards are available for major games retailers like GameStop, as well as major online storefronts such as Steam or the Nintendo E-Shop.