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How to breeze through the remaining weeks


Carly Pepper, Contributing Writer

As the spring 2019 semester is coming to an end and we are close to finals, this can bring a lot of stress with finishing classes. As students it is very hard to balance multiple classes with studying, assignments and hanging with friends. And let’s not even mention trying to get an adequate result of all three, especially if you throw a part-time job in the mix. But don’t lose hope. There are multiple ways that students can relieve their stress.

First would be to schedule out your days with classes, work and hanging out with friends. With this you will know and have time to get work done and out of the way. Also be sure get any work done right after it is assigned so that procrastination can be avoided. Sure, you probably want to incorporate school work, social time, exercise, and sleep into every single day. However, it is important to realize that sometime this isn’t doable. Be sure to schedule your time accordingly. Crank out your work when you can and you will thank yourself by the time the weekend rolls around when you can dedicate more time to stress-free activities.

When you know a big test is coming up, study ahead of time. Maybe look over your notes everyday after class so that you become more familiar with the information. This way, once that big day rolls around, you will not be cramming and pulling an all-nighter. Rather, you will be familiarized with the concepts and, you never know, that last-minute studying might be a breeze.

Although studying can be stressful, take advantage of resources that are available to you. For example, go online to multiple sites that are dedicated to helping you study in various ways. Quizlet helps with any course where you can do flashcards, mix and match and more. Another way that could help is to have friends quiz you. You have the ability to be interactive and learn at the same time. Being prepared and ready for a final is key to success.

Lastly, allow yourself to workout and hang out with friends on a regular basis. Although the end of the semester can be very stressful, these can help immensely. Exercise gives you time to take your mind off of life’s stressors and focus on doing something that is good for you. It can even allow you to let go of all of your frustrations if you are able to push yourself. But be sure to also enjoy some downtime with friends. According to MayoClinic, you can’t have a healthy life without time to unwind and enjoy social support.

Utilize these tips to relieve your stress and enjoy the last weeks with your friends for the semester. Be true to you and do amazing this last month of school!