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Bruno Mars sues Behrend's cafe over copyright infringment

Photo By: Hudson Tran


Ben Dover, BIG hit writer

On March 28th, Penn State Behrend was notified by the lawyers on one Bruno Mars that they would be pressing charges in regards to copyright infringement, pertaining to the use of the word “Bruno’s”.

American singer-songwriter, Mars plays a wide range of musical styles, such as R&B, funk, soul, reggae, pop, hip hop, and rock.

Mars is suing Penn State Behrend due to the unfortunate similarity in the naming of the café which resembles his stage last name. He has expressed concern to the media that Penn State is using his name “Bruno” to generate a profit. Therefore, Mars will be suing for a grand total of $10,000,000.00 to account for money Bruno’s Café has earned in sales off of his coined name.

Penn State Behrend has not yet publicly responded to the lawsuit according to The Nittany Lion Mascot. With no response, Penn State students, workers, and alumni wait patiently to hear back with news of the pending lawsuit.

The lawsuit must pass through the judicial system for Bruno Mars to take Bruno’s Café to court. Also, Bruno’s Café has been around for many years; therefore, the prospect of removing Bruno’s for the Cafés title on campus will be a change that many Behrend alumni will mourn over. One Rogger Mclawson, alumni, stated, “To say the least this transition would be a major disappointment and I would never listen to  the song Gorilla or Just the way you are ever again.”

Bruno Mars has prior experience in the judicial court system, in 2017 when he was sued for his song, “Uptown Funk”. Bruno was sued by a trio rap group who claimed that their song from the ’70s was too similar to Mars hit song. The group named, The Sequence released a similar song in 1979 called, “Funk You Up” which caused speculation if Mars copied their song.

He also has been in court in pursuit of suing NASA for the planet Mars and copyright allegations which have caused discussion as far as the Supreme Court since the legislation would extend off of the planet.  

The Behrend Bacon attempted to reach out to Mars and his lawyers but heard no response back as of yet. This lawsuit is a new and alarming event happening within Penn State Behrend. As the days and weeks unfold with the trial over Bruno’s Café, stay updated with the weekly Bacon Newspaper to find out in detail how this event unfolds in the following weeks. As Mars would say this lawsuit over Bruno’s Café is be handled with “Finesse”.