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Soup mishap causes stricter management

in Bruno's

Photo By: Pixabay


Alex Bell, News Editor

In late January, an incident involving Bruno’s and Dobbins lead to several students consuming meat despite dietary restrictions. Attention was brought to the situation after Muhammad Ali, Senator of the Student Government Association (SGA) told John Jarecki, President, that the soup in Bruno’s had been mislabeled. From this point, it was brought to Housing and Food Services (H&FS).

It is unclear how many people actually consumed the meat, but it clearly struck several students as it made its way to the SGA and H&FS. Mike Lindner, director of H&FS, handled the situation and removed the soups for the day, but the problem was not solved for the entirety of the day, something that greatly worried Lindner.

“I appreciate that the student went to the SGA, and I appreciate that John [Jarecki] was bringing that to our attention. We have to find out how to communicate to students that if they see this, they should take it right to my staff at the moment they see it so that we can address the issue on the spot,” Lindner said, “By the time I got it, it’s a day late. I can’t fix what’s happening a day late.”

The soups, Amish corn chowder and baked potato soup, look very similar and Lindner said that the staff at Dobbins and Bruno’s did not think to further check that the soups were labeled correctly. However, this brought Lindner to the conclusion that something needed to change.

“The real short answer that we came to, is that we’re not going to produce those two soups on the same day,” Lindner explained. “From a production standpoint, we’re going to eliminate this at the source of the problem.”

Ali said recently that the mishap should not be blown out of proportion, but that the staff at Bruno’s and Dobbins should have been more careful.

Lindner agreed, saying, “it is still a reminder to our staff, ‘we made a mistake today,’ and we cascaded that mistake by a couple of people. So we need to stop, think about what we’re doing, and verify that what we’re doing is the proper thing.” He also brought his point home by saying that students should feel comfortable approaching staff and asking whether or not something on the menu is correct.

In passing, Lindner addressed the vegetarian options offered at Bruno’s and specifically Dobbins. When asked whether or not he believed that more vegetarian and vegan options would have made it easier to avoid the incorrectly labeled soup, Lindner replied that the correct amount of non-meat options are being produced by Dobbins.

“We produce to the population, we have to be everything to everybody at Dobbins. How much we produce is directly related to how many people actually take them,” Lindner explained. “I would say that our vegetarian/vegan population is under 20%, and our menu reflects that.”