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Calendar organization

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Stephanie Caven, Contributing Writer

With the start of a new semester, the familiar rush of anxiety and despair is abundantly present — a new schedule; new professors; new classrooms; and new classmates. Everything is chaos the first few weeks back and having a messy calendar can magnify the terror of walking into the wrong lecture hall or missing a class entirely. Not only do students have to navigate their new course load, but students also have a part-time job. Many students attend club events that can be forgotten if not written down. To make sure you are fully prepared for your day, it’s imperative that you come up with a foolproof organizational system.

There are many types of organizers marketed to students. Some take the less is more approach and allow you to write in your dates and pictures. Others leave only enough space to write out events and cross them out. Each individual needs to find something that works for them. An excellent online calendar is Google Calendar or even the calendar that comes with your Office365 account.

Using an online calendar allows you to access your schedule across multiple platforms at any time. You can also add various calendars of choice and merge all your events into one immersive experience while also color-coding each class for easy visibility. For instance, Bio 101 could be green, Eng 15 could be yellow, and Psych 100 could be orange. This way, when you see that color, you know exactly what class you should be heading to. You can also use color-coded folders and notebooks to keep everything in order and on track which should help you to never get confused!

Another excellent planning and calendar service is PowerPlanner. The app is found in the Google Play store along with iTunes and Microsoft stores. The platform gives you the option to enter in class times and assignments. You can choose the color for each class and set your reminders for class times and when assignments are due. While you can’t enter your other obligations like work or social events, this is a great way to stay on top of school, so you never miss a class or an assignment.

Using a combination of an online planner and a physical paper planner is a sure way to find success in the new school year. Putting each class in its place and setting your reminders to let you know when it’s time to leave for a class will set you up for the best chance at success. Writing assignments down in multiple places will increase the likelihood of actually getting things done. Staying on track is hard, but comprehensive calendars and tackers make your job much easier! 

Remember to write things down as professors assign them and to check your calendars regularly. Take the time to make your planners your own and decorate them to your own personal taste and style. Making it your own also ensures that if you were ever to lose your paper planner, it would be easily recognizable and much more likely to return to you.