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CES Climate Change Innovators Contest


Brendan Derry, Business & Tech Editor

This past December, the Consumer Technology Association announced the seven winners of the CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators contest. This contest seeks to award technology innovators for their work in combating climate change by developing tools to aid consumers and the environment as a whole. Primarily they focus on the lowering the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

The CTA says that they have developed this showcase of innovations to present new technology to the world in an effort to aid in the success of companies that make it their mission to work towards a more sustainable world. Many of the entries are from small startups that have no other products so the publicity from such a large event could be the difference between success and failure for an emerging product.

The winners of the showcase have created tools to lower energy and water consumption, as well as measurement tools and sensors that ensure people use only what they need and that what they are using is safe. These are noble goals and if these innovations are to expand and become commonly used, they have the potential to change the way people live and allow for a greener, healthier lifestyle in developed and developing countries.

CES 2019 Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators

  • Blue Whale Company’s Spy Can Compact is the first autonomous SMS driven smart valve that detects leaks and overconsumption in pipes and sends alerts in real time. Exhibiting at booth #50415 in Sands, Hall G.

  • Connected Garden’s Archibald is a personal digital gardener with “Super Sensor” that selects plants for precise locations such as a garden, terrace or balcony and guides consumers via smart device app. Exhibiting at booth #50215 in Sands, Hall G.

  • GoSun’s GoSun Fusion is a hybrid solar cooker that uses a highly efficient vacuum tube and PV system that allow people to cook day and night without any fuel other than the sun. Exhibiting at booth #52950 in Sands, Hall G.

  • Heatworks’ MODEL 3 Water Heater is the first of its kind to use graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls to heat up water, making it 99% more energy efficient. Exhibiting at booth #50322 in Sands, Hall G.

  • LUMI’IN’s FLEX is the first solar and connected LED street light that’s adaptable to any lamp post, providing a cleaner and cheaper-to-use alternative to classic on-grid lighting. Exhibiting at booth #50215 in Sands, Hall G.

  • NanoScent is a real-time detector that senses, monitors, alerts, and traces specific VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air. Exhibiting at booth #51701 in Sands, Hall G.

  • SmartEmbed’s Eddo.drop is a technology dedicated to water and energy preservation in households through an IoT solution that controls shower duration. Exhibiting at booth #50215 in Sands, Hall G.