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Behrend students plan for holiday travel

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Elaine Kahle, Contributing Writer

The end of the semester is coming to an end, which means it is time for everybody to either make a long journey home, or just a short one. Here is what Behrend students are planning on traveling and doing over break:

Rocana Hsing, a freshman, will be making the long travel to Taiwan and then to Japan to go back home. Hsing has not seen her family since she has been here, so she is looking forward to seeing them and also eating the food that she has grown up with. The time change will be about 13 hours, but she says that it will not be hard for her to adjust because she has done a lot of traveling and is used to having to adjust to a time change all the time. While she is home, she plans to go shopping so she can get things that she cannot get here, visit her relatives, and do some sightseeing while in Japan.

Junior Karishma Mauli will be heading back to California and can't wait to see her family and friends.

“I have not been home since school has started and I am looking forward to sleep in my own bed and eat home cooked food,” she said.

Mauli will be in the LA area and is not looking forward having to deal with all the traffic and people, but she is definitely ready to be home. She plans on spending most of her break catching up with family and going to some of her favorite places around town. Mauli has enjoyed the change of weather and will miss the snow over break.

Sophomore Chloe Stertz will be driving back to Akron, Ohio and is looking forward to spending time with her family and getting to relax.

“My favorite part of break is that while I am home my brothers will clean my car off for me because I don’t have that kind of service here,” she confessed. “Also, nothing against Dobbins and Brunos but I am just looking forward to my mom's home cooked meals and just getting some different food.”

While home, she plans to go to Cleveland to do a bunch of different actives like watching the Cavs, going ice skating, and watching some hockey.

Gaige Ackley is planning on traveling to Vermont to do some snowboarding, but first he will go back to his hometown of Bradford.

“I really love to snowboard, and I cannot wait to go to Vermont to snowboard and get away for awhile,” he explained. Ackley enjoys snowboarding in his free time and this will be his first time traveling to Vermont to snowboard there. While he is home Ackley wants to catch up with his friends and enjoy his time away from the campus.

“Sometimes I can get bored here, and I need a change so that is why I am looking forward to go back home so I can have a change in my normal routine,” he stated.

Safe travels to all Behrend students near and far! Enjoy your break from the hectic campus life wherever your travels may take you.