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Club showcase showcases clubs

Photo By: Hudson Tran/The Behrend Beacon


Hudson Tran, Staff Writer

At the start of every semester, Behrend hosts a club showcase in McGarvey Commons that plays an important role in getting students involved on campus. On Monday, new clubs made their first appearances at the showcase and old clubs also had new things to offer.

The Student Government Association, or SGA, is one of the biggest organizations on campus that helps promote the well-being and support of other on-campus organizations and clubs. The President of the SGA, John Jarecki, said that “Student government is always a great opportunity for students that would like to make a difference on campus. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s the truth. This year, we’ve been working with specific groups of students on campus. We’ve been working with commuters; we promised them a space and I’m happy to say that we do have a space for them now. Same thing goes for [on-campus] residents, too. We’ve been working on meal plan issues, so if you’re a person that wants to make a difference on campus, student government is definitely the best organization to do that and honestly you get to see a little bit of everything.” Beyond SGA, the other clubs present at the showcase provided new and exciting opportunities for the students at Behrend.

Erie Street Stylz is a new dance club at Behrend. The president of the club said, that the student collective “created Erie Street Stylz not just because we have a passion for dancing, but also we wanted people to understand what street dancing is because a lot of people have a misconception of it due to them watching a lot of movies. So we’re trying to introduce it, show the basics, show that you don’t need any dance experience to learn it.”

This semester, the outdoors club is offering students “once in a lifetime trips” at affordable prices. President Noah Kunst stated: “Something that we like to offer is really affordable trips, like trips that you probably won’t do any other time in your entire life. For example, we are going to Jay Peak in Vermont for a ski trip, and instead of paying $500 to $600, its actually only $150 per student, and we have a total of 44 students signing up for it.”

The showcase also had clubs that supports the LGBTQ+ community. Erika Sims, the Gender and Sexuality Equality’s secretary, tells what the club has to offer: “We provide a safe space on campus for LGBTQ+ individuals. We mainly have two big events a year. We have the drag show in fall then we have a pride week/gender conference in spring. Mainly we’re a social club.”

The marketing club is also making structural changes this semester to the way things are set up within their club. Nate Steis, the VP of promotions, had a few things to say about the changes.

“We are currently in the transition to the American Marketing Association club chapter of Penn state Behrend... Basically, what this helps us do is it allows us to become nationally recognized club for marketers worldwide and it’s taken more seriously. Things are more effective and when you’re looking for a job and also later on in your career. We’re becoming a more nationally recognized organization.”