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Correspondence dinner offers students a chance to show off their organizations

Photos By: Alex Bell/The Behrend Beacon


Alex Bell, News Editor

Thursday night, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their second annual Correspondents’ Dinner in the Junker Center. The event brought in over 400 students from a multitude of organizations and clubs on campus.

The SGA hosts the dinner to give students a chance to see their organizations on display. While individual RSVPs were available, many clubs reserved whole tables--sometimes more than one--for their organization. Those clubs which booked a table for themselves were given a spotlight and a chance to rise and be appreciated by the student body and staff at the event, as well as by the members of the SGA.

Several awards were given out to members of the student body, as well. President John Jarecki felt that honoring students who have done outstanding work throughout the year is an excellent step to encouraging harder work in the future. “I think that we have to be recognizing people that are doing good stuff on campus, so that other people in that room, you know in those seats, think ‘maybe I could do something like that’,” said Jarecki. He claims that seeing other students be recognized pushed him to succeed at Behrend, and believes that continuing that tradition is good for the student body.

“At the end of the day this is for the students,” said Jarecki. “It’s also for the student government, obviously, but it’s a good chance for us to let them know what we’re doing and to recognize a few of the clubs that mean so much to us.”

Though many students showed up to the dinner, Jarecki said that he was concerned over whether or not the turnout at the dinner would be as large as planned. “I didn’t know if 200 people were going to come, or 500. But I’m glad to see that everyone enjoyed themselves,” said Jarecki.

The food from catering was a step up from last year’s, according to Safinaz Elhadary, the incoming Vice President and current Chief of Staff of the SGA.

As was the entertainment, this year four different student run organizations showed off their talent for the crowd. This year Tone-Acious, Dissonance, Erie Street Stylz, and the South Asian Student Organization all performed for the large group.

The SGA also pushed off the announcement of their new e-board until the event, all four members taking their oaths in front of the crowd. Jarecki and Elhadary welcomed Bailey Rollage, previously a senator, to the position of Chief of Staff, and Krista Kelyman, also previously a senator, as the new treasurer. Jarecki and Elhadary ended the night with a speech concerning the future of Behrend’s SGA.

“Having 400 people witness that [being sworn in] is something that I am so grateful for... it’s almost like something you see in a movie,” Jarecki said later. “We’re definitely starting out on a high note”.