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Whipping up some culture  


Julia Fitzgibbon, Contributing Writer

Ever dream of trying out a unique dish that is not readily available around campus and broaden your horizons at the same time? Now you can with the cultural cooking club on campus! The Cultural Cooking Club (CCC) is an on-campus organization that lets students experience foreigndishes while learning about the specific culture the dish originated from.  

The club had its first meeting of the semester on Thursday with an introduction of what the club is about and an interactive quiz to test students’ knowledge of where dishes originated from. Grant Oishi -  a sophomore nursing student - is the president of the club.   

This is Oishi’s first year in the president position. , “The transition of power was not as big of a shock as it could have been since I had some experience being last years’ cultural cooking club secretary. This club has not only taught me a lot about cooking and its deep connection to culture, it has helped me learn how to be more comfortable in a leadership role and to I've enjoyed taking on more responsibility,” said Oishi.

 Oishi would like to see the club include “more outreach to the student body and overall more involvement.” “We are a cooking club, but we try to incorporate and broaden our knowledge with the culture and country that the food we cook originated from,” said Oishi. 

Prospective members of the clubs need not have any experience of cooking before joining. “I joined the club only knowing how to make cereal and messing up on cooking grilled cheese sandwiches! We welcome cooks at all different skill levels because since what we’re cooking is usually unfamiliar to most of us, it’s a learning experience for us all!” said Oishi.


Sara Khamis, a sophomore biology student, said she joined the club so she can “get more recipes and learn more about different cultures and their food.” “I’m looking forward to cooking Arabic dishes. There is not an apparent Arabic presence on campus, and I think this club can provide one,” said Khamis. 

Official times and dates for club meetings are not set in stone. The meetings will always take place in the Smith Capel living room. For more information, contact Grant Oishi at gso5@psu.edu.