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Edinboro University forms presidential search committee


Jeremiah Hassel, Features Editor

In a recent news release to Erie News Now, Edinboro University announced the formation of a committee designed to search for a replacement for former President H. Fred Walker and his current interim replacement, Michael Hannan. The committee will be comprised of members of the university’s trustees, alumni, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and even students.

        Edinboro plans to form the committee after Walker’s resignation in early 2018, after which the school’s provost and vice president for academic and student affairs, Hannan, took over. Once a new president is selected, Hannan will return to his previous position.

        “The University is seeking an experienced leader with the vision and leadership qualities to build on Edinboro’s resources and reputation and take it to higher levels of academic and student success,” said committee chair and Edinboro trustee Timothy Wachter in the news release to Erie News Now.

        The committee’s formation was announced after recent concerns about the stability of the position. Over the past few years, the university has gone through several presidents, and members of the Edinboro community have begun to question the university’s decisions in selecting presidents.

        The recent news release was publicized amidst campus controversy. While claiming to be inclusive and interactive with the university’s community members, several students feel as though the committee has not included enough input form the student body.

        “I feel like the student body doesn’t really keep up with it or honestly know what’s happening or why,” said freshman art education major Rianna Learn.

        The committee’s roster includes a single student representative, the current Edinboro Student Government Association (SGA) president Olivia Franchock and a single alternative for the student representation. The entire committee consists of about 19 people, of which 12 are affiliated with the University in some capacity.

        Despite low level of student representation, the University will go through with the committee’s intended agenda of selecting a long-term president to serve the University. The University hopes to have the position filled by July 1 this summer.