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Five Feet Apart promotes new idea of love (spoiler alert)

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Claudia Rivera, Contributing Writer

In “Five Feet Apart”, actor Haley Lu Richardson plays a teenager with cystic fibrosis named Stella, who ultimately falls in love with Will, a new patient in the hospital, played by Cole Sprouse.

At first, the two don’t get along; they have different personalities that seem to clash … at first. Stella comes off as responsible, innocent and obedient. Will is a young artist who comes off as rebellious and holding some kind of grudge against the world for his sickness. Will goes to the hospital for a clinical trial to improve his condition while Stella is on the transplant list awaiting a new set of lungs.

Throughout the movie, the teens form a connection while everyone else, majorly the hospital staff, is telling them they can’t be together given their conditions. Cystic fibrosis involves bacteria in the lungs causing breathing and normal activity to be difficult for the host. Since bacteria is dependent on the chemical makeup of the being, Stella and Will each contain a unique bacteria that is not only harmful to themselves but toxic to each other. Both teens would die if they got too close to each other.

Despite this though, sparks started flying and the two form a connection unlike anything that they have ever felt before. In the movie, the teens must keep a distance between them though, so they don’t get even more sick, and it leads to them FaceTiming each other in order to spend time with one another.

Unlike Richardson’s and Sprouse’s past works, this film seems to captivate the interest of a different audience then what is usually expected from them. Both actors brought a new light to the characters and made it easy for the audience to fall in love with them and the movie itself. While this movie, compared to the “Fault in Our Stars” is very similar in plot, many will enjoy “Five Feet Apart” due to the idea that, even at the end, being close to death and close to the end, there is always love.

The film attracts audiences from different ages and places, and it brings them together to tell a beautiful story about a young couple in love fighting against all odds to try and be together until the very end.  

Some people wonder about the importance of the title, “Five Feet Apart”. As mentioned prior, patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) need to keep a distance. More specifically, they are always supposed to stay six feet away from each other.

The title of the film refers to the one step Stella and Will take to be closer to each other, to prove their love to one another, and take control of some aspect of their lives considering everything is so limited. In real life, patients suffering from CF aren’t allowed to kiss each other, which, in the film, shows that the couple develops a deep and meaningful relationship that isn’t just based on lust or obsession. That’s what leaves the audiences so captivated and makes them believe in the story more.

When watching the movie, you won’t feel like you’re in a movie theater; you will feel like you are right there along the characters sharing the struggles that they share. You will feel the emotion, the good and the bad. Some might even cry at the heart-warming story. If you are looking for a movie to watch with the girls, friends, a partner, or family members, this is the movie for you.

The movie is Rated PG13+ and has created awareness within younger audience members and people who aren’t aware of Cystic Fibrosis. The film has created a touching, educational, and entertaining experience for the members of the audience. I would rate the film 4/5 stars and would recommend the readers to go and enjoy the movie.