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Wait, freshman don't know that?


Tresslyn Froehlich, Lifestyles Editor

Summer is over, and for every college student, that means it’s time to leave your friends, family, childhood room, home cooked dinners and say hello to the sweet smell of freedom. If you are coming in as an upperclassman, you might have gotten so used to these changes and are relieved or ready to move on to bigger better things. As for freshman, this experience is a whole new world. Excitement of leaving the nest hits, and parents are starting to wonder if they did a good job as a parent.

If you ask an upperclassman what the most difficult thing about college is, the answer might not be as obvious as you think. Many might say that it's classes, tests, or even the adjustment from leaving home but, college students might not admit the true tasks they found challenging everyday. Here is a list of the most surprising things freshman might not know how to do in college. 


A Load of Laundry: 

It’s surprising how many children in college don’t actually know how to do their laundry, not to mention WHEN to know to do laundry. Kids in high school are used to mom or dad asking to “throw down your laundry” or “have any whites?” By the time these kids get to college, laundry is the last thing they think about. Even if parents have asked their child to finish the load, chances are that when it comes to which setting should be selected, they are clueless. Don’t worry mom and dad, the internet is aware of this problem and now has many websites for your kids to learn. With the help of Guide to Doing Laundry in College, How to do Laundry 101 and Easy Ways to do Laundry (with pictures) anyone can do laundry! 


Sharing a room the size of a closet: 

Weather you’ve grown up with your own room or shared with your siblings, college is the first time when you move into a small space with a complete stranger. For many new students, adjusting to another person's routine can be a shock to anyone's lifestyle. A few ways to make the transition easier are: 

  1. Talk about room rules, figure out what side of the room you each want and determine what your each bringing into the room.  

  2. Determine mutual and personal areas, let your roommate know that they can share your snacks but not your toothbrush.

  3. Get to know each others schedules, if your roommate has an 8 AM, you probably should not be doing homework in the room till 1 AM. 


 It may not always be ideal, but in the end, the relationships you make with your roommate might be one you have for life. 


Having to provide food for yourself: 

When kids are in high school, they are provided with a lunch mom/dad made or a school lunch. When the long school day is done, the child might go home, get ready for their after school sports, and finally make it back home in time for dinner (which mom and dad also provides). Some freshman students might find such a little thing like food one of the most difficult times of the day. Once they wake up, they need to have the most important meal of the day (which might be a piece of pizza). For lunch, it could be challenging to figure out a time to eat considering class and study schedules. Dinner can become more frustrating, after a long day of classes, tests and papers most kids just want a home cooked meal but must settle for cafeteria food.  



Okay, so this could be considered hysterical for some people. Kids who leave the nest for the first time are not told every other day to “pick up your clothes”. So, when the time comes that the student SHOULD clean. They tend to let clothes stay on the floor a little longer than they should. Remember to find time and clean, even if you don’t feel like it. It makes you feel better and might even make your roommate happy. 


Time management: 

School can be the most stressful part of the whole college experience. Students are so excited to leave the nest that the only thing they think about is partying and  living with their friends. This results in students not focusing on the real reason why they are there. Sometimes students find themselves in a bit of trouble in their first semester, between the poor diets, and the lack of commitment to their work, school grades can be affected. Students need to learn that school is the reason why they are in college. As much as hanging with your friends and playing video games all day is fun, you need to set aside a few hours to go to the library and read your textbooks. Some tips to make this easier is: 

  • Make friends with people who goes to the library everyday. It makes going to study more interesting when you go with a buddy. 

  • Try inventing fun ways to study, instead of just reading and highlighting your textbooks, make notecards, create a quizlet, or make a Kahoot and play with some people in your class. 

  • Find time to exercise and eat healthier, this might seem like it doesn’t relate to time management, but it makes a difference in your day more than you think. When you exercise and eat right, your body and mind become stronger, resulting in a better study session and a healthier lifestyle. 


Hopefully, these tips can help someone who has been nervous about starting school. If you are in your second year or even your last year of college you can use these tips as well. Remember to study hard and have a good year. Good luck class 2023!