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Happiness during the holidays

Photo By: muriellemarie.com


Natalie Klingler, Contributing Writer

Many of us have one thing in common and that is happiness. Many people seek happiness throughout their lifetimes and it can be a great thing to finally come across. But how we imagine our happiness differs from one person to the next.

How is there a connection between happiness and gratefulness? Some people would say that when you are happy you are grateful but perhaps they should think again. Is it really the happy people that are grateful? Many people chase after things in life that they think will make them happy but still remain unfulfilled. This may because they want something else - a better car, a better job, more money, etc.

Others may be filled with misfortune. When it comes to the holidays, times can be lonely or depressing for some people. Especially the people dealing with the loss of a loved one, suffering from a disease or disorder, or people who have no family to confide in or celebrate with. How does one cope with heartbreak and pain when everyone else seems to be happy?

Well, it is not happiness that makes us grateful, sometimes it’s gratefulness that makes us happy. But we might ask, “What do we really mean by gratefulness and how does it work?” The individual answer probably lies in your own experiences and your personal life story. We experience something that’s valuable to us, something given to us, something that makes us feel fulfilled. Often times, we find happiness in something that we just happen to stumble upon after searching near and far and giving up. And this realization can be a gift in and of itself.

There are some tips that can be provided for your well-being during the holidays and motives behind finding this happiness. Here are a few guidelines to direct you towards the happy path: Happiness can’t be taken away; it can only be given away, be present and actively listen, share how grateful you are for your family and loved ones with them, and take small breaks from the family because this isn’t a sign of weakness. If you rely on the ups and downs of others, you will never be truly happy. When you are struggling during the holiday season, create a daily gratitude list. This helps you to focus on what’s important. The longer you look at the list – the longer the list gets. Take time to be grateful this holiday season and see how it can turn your darkness into light. Be happy with yourself first, then share your happiness with others so you can walk down the path of happiness together.