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Weekly horoscopes


Jackie Crist, Contributing Writer


August 23rd-September 22nd 

Now is a perfect time to relax, because you have not had a break in a while. Take a nature walk, volunteer at your local animal shelter, or read a good book to unwind. That thing you’re still thinking about that happened three weeks ago? Let it go. Worrying means that you suffer twice (as my good friend Newt Scamander once said).     



September 23rd-October 22nd  

There is one person at work that gets on your nerves. They are loud, unfair and, a big meanie. Don’t worry about them. Their meanness cannot touch your gentle soul. If you’ve been on the fence about confronting them, now is the time to do it-even if it means you’ll be uncomfortable. 



October 23rd – November 21st  

Sometimes being right is not worth losing a long-time friendship. Reach out to that friend you may not have talked to in a while. There is nothing wrong with eliminating toxic people from your life, but this friendship is worth saving. Trust the process, but you'll need more than a horoscope to convince you.    



November 22nd – December 21st  

You have been feeling wanderlust. Sometimes you can have a new adventure right where you are. Check out local events happening near you and you may bump into the One. You never know what awaits you. Adventure is out there!  




December 22nd- January 19th  

Give your mom a call, she’ll love it. You have been irritable lately because you are expecting the worst to come. Take a step back and enjoy what you have now and let the rest figure itself out. It’s okay to let those anxieties go and breathe.   



January 20th – February 18th  

People are going to disagree with you. Get over it. You’re a good listener, so put those skills to the test and really listen. Your significant other has been distant lately, sit them down, and have an honest talk. It might be time to move on.  




February 19th – March 20th  

If there is a new opportunity, take it. It’s time to get over your fear and dive out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry your bed with your cozy blanket and soft music playing in the background will be waiting for you when you get back. 




March 21st- April 19th  

Not only is it essential for you to take care of your physical body, you often forget to take care of your mental health as well. Take five minutes out of your day and try to meditate. Yoga is a fantastic activity that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go. Try it out! 




April 20th- May 20th  

Be on the lookout for sudden changes in your financial situation. Change is something you might not cope with well but remember not all changes are necessarily bad. Remember to give in a little when talking finances with your partner and everything will be okay.  



May 21st-June 20th  

You’re in a slump. Same stuff, different day. This weekend might be a good time to take a day trip somewhere new, maybe with a few friends. This change of scenery will lift your spirits. You might also be decisive, and let your friends know what you want to do.  




June 21st-July 22nd  

You are not a burden. I repeat you are not a burden. It is okay to vent to your friends or family about what is going on with your life. It can be hard to talk to them sometimes but know that they love you and will be willing to do anything for you.  



July 23rd – August 22nd  

It’s okay to go off the grid occasionally. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat- whatever it is can wait. Take this time off social media to re-discover a long-lost hobby. You’ll appreciate the newfound quiet, and maybe you’ll learn something new about yourself!