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How to train your dragon review

Photo By: Hollywood Reporter


Stephanie Frangione, Staff Writer

The long awaited final installment of How to Train Your Dragon has finally hit the theaters. While there were no mixed feelings about the production of this film, many wondered where the story could possibly go after the second installment. Before you read any further, please note that the rest of this article will contain major spoilers.

Audiences see Hiccup, now fully embracing his role as leader of Berk, and Toothless tackle their most formidable foe yet. The film’s opening scene shows Hiccup and the rest of the dragon riders in the midst of a stealth operation. They plan to save the dragons on a trapper’s ship. Unbeknownst to them, when they leave the ship, they leave behind one dragon that could change everything they know about Toothless.

As the group returns to Berk the audience sees that the entirety of Berk is overrun by ever species of dragon imaginable. Gobber, Hiccups long standing confinate and father’s best friend, approaches Hiccup about exploring other options for housing the dragons, and encourages Hiccup and Astrid to finally take the last step and get married.

These two themes are very important to the rest of the film as our newest villain threatens everything they know and love. Grimmel the Grisly is the reason Nightfurys have become virtually extinct. What he doesn’t know, until now, is that there are two left. Toothless, and the formerly nameless white dragon, a Lightfury.

Once Grimmel threatens Hiccup and his friends in their own homes on Berk, they know they must leave and make their home elsewhere, where their dragons will be safe. While Hiccup makes preparations to leave for a new land, Toothless sets off to find this new Lightfury after the addition of his new and improved tail device that lets him fly on his own.

To try and beat Grimmel at his own game, Hiccup and the dragon riders try to infiltrate his layer but find themselves bested, and Ruffnut is captured. As everyone knows, Ruffnut is incredibly talkative and this leads to her release, and she is inevitably followed.

This prompts Hiccup and Astrid to go after Toothless for help. They find him in a place Hiccup had only heard stories about. At this point Hiccup realizes that for Toothless to live his life as a successful Alpha dragon, he must let him go.

Astrid and Hiccup finally marry after saying goodbye to all the dragons on Berk, sending them to the hidden world where they will be safe from Grimmel and his trappers.

The ending scene shows Toothless and Hiccup reuniting as they meet each other’s respective children. It is easy to see that Toothless and his family have prospered in their time away from the human world.

They all hope for a day where the dragons can return to the surface, but until that time comes, Hiccup vows to keep their world safe from all that wish to harm them. Bring your tissues because this ending will have you in tears!