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Saying “I love you” without breaking the bank


Alyson Merryman, Staff writer

February 14th may seem like an ordinary day for some but not for everybody. In fact, everyone has their own individual opinion surrounding Valentine’s Day. Some may say it’s a wasted holiday that just scams couples and others are all for this controversial romantic holiday. As valentine’s Day approaches, some hopeless romantics should budget for a hefty price tag as some companies increase their prices for this holiday.

As college students and young adults become eager to express their young love, keep in mind these helpful tips. To help save the bank, keep track of how much you are actually spending this year. Flowers are known to be one of the most commonly bought gifts for Valentine’s Day. Lots of flower companies will inflate the price for flowers, especially roses, a few days prior to Valentine’s Day. Instead of spending your entire budget on flowers, try ordering them weeks ahead of time. Most places will not charge you the holiday price if the flowers are ordered way ahead of time. Try going for a single rose instead of a dozen. A single rose could be as meaningful as a dozen. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

Chocolate, or perhaps even better, chocolate covered strawberries are one of the other big gifts purchased for Valentine’s Day. Although chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries are already pricey, they increase drastically on and around February 14th. Unless you want to pay the high price of some Romolo’s or Pulokos this year try to make your own chocolate covered strawberries. It could be a cute romantic mini date to make them together. If you want to surprise your significant other with ones you’ve made on your own, it would be a romantic gesture because you put time and love into making them. You might pay a bit more for the ingredients but you could potentially get double the strawberries out of it.

Restaurants can be extremely packed on this romantic holiday. Be sure to make prior arrangements for a romantic dinner, or else you could be waiting hours for a seat. Lots of restaurants have special Valentine’s Day offers to save some money. Some places in Erie this year have some special offers to keep in mind. Valerio’s Italian Restaurant and El Canelo  a couple of places that have special offers. If going out isn’t your thing, try making a home cooked meal. This could be a romantic special gesture to either surprise that special someone or cook together. Also, a surprise destination dinner in a secluded location with a picnic packed is another date night idea. Although Erie might be cold, there are plenty of beautiful places to go, for example Presque Isle.

If your significant other isn’t a sucker for Valentine’s Day but you still want to do a nice money-saving gesture, wait until it all goes on sale. Waiting until just the day after Valentine’s Day will save you money but show you care. Most items are 50-75% off after the holiday. Some people may not be all for Valentine’s Day and just want to spend time with their significant other, which is okay.

Regardless of your holiday intentions, be sure to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day because it will be here shortly. Don’t forget, it’s not how much you spend but the thought that goes into it.