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Jarecki excited for new year


AnnaBella Lassiter, Staff Writer

President John Jarecki and the student government association are ready to take on the 2019-2020 year at Behrend. Jarecki, who holds the presidency for a second year, now hopes to approach Behrend’s needs through the student body and, from that, establish some new, student-inspired changes.

“My predecessor was very successful at small victories in this respect: 25 cents off chicken fingers and getting a slushie machine in Bruno’s,” Jarecki said. “I’m more interested in following up with individual student concerns that could also affect other students.”

Last year, Jarecki and his executive board took on major concerns on campus including the absence of Elements cafe, the lack of commuter engagement on campus and an alert system for elevators. The SGA succeeded in resolving two of the three issues.

“We had two very specific successes last year,” Jarecki said. “The first was our initiative for the elevator alert system — that was marginally successful. And, the second — which I think I am most proud of — is the commuter lounge [and] we had an actual person hired who works in the Smith Chapel on a part-time basis for commuter students.”

With last year’s successful changes, Jarecki and the new executive board, including Vice President Safinaz Elhadary, Treasurer Krista Kelyman and Chief of Staff Bailey Rollage, are determined to work together to make Behrend a great experience.

“Last year, there were some communication issues that may have stemmed from me that we did iron out,” Jarecki expressed. “My expectations for the executive board this year could not be more clear … I feel like we’re all on the same page, and that is something I cannot stress enough for student organizations.”

Jarecki recognized that no government is perfect and that there will most likely be conflicts and criticism for the SGA to face in the near future, but there is also a strong SGA in place to face such obstacles.

“It’s very difficult to find student leaders who can maintain focus on a project, but I think that the student government that we have right now is going to do well,” Jarecki said. “I am so excited ... I think this is one of the smartest executive boards we have had in a long time. So, I think they’re going to be good.”

Jarecki also hopes, in addition to hearing individual student concerns and working closely with the executive board, that students will choose to get more involved with the SGA.

“We have so many opportunities for [students],” Jarecki said. “Namely, getting engaged with our senate, and running for first-year student spots in the senate would be a great opportunity for freshman.”

Being in the senate, Jarecki said, students have a “huge voice” that allows them to not only speak their concerns but the concerns of their friends and peers. Jarecki was apart of the senate his freshman year and said the senate was where he got his start. 

“I think being a senator is important... and part of what SGA is all about is getting as many voices represented around that round table,” Jarecki said.

For those interested in contacting Jarecki about concerns or inquiries, he can be reached by his email at jpj5287@psu.edu or he can be texted at (814) 969-2544.