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Know your campus resources


Francesco Corso, News Editor

Academic and Career Planning Center (ACPC)

Many college students pursue degrees in the hopes of finding a full-time job after graduation. A key function of the ACPC is to help Behrend students have the best time in their job-hunting endeavors. By offering personal one-on-one appointments as well as mock interviews, the students are able to go into an interview known what they should say to a potential employer, as well as how to best compose a resume and cover letter for their applications. In addition, the ACPC allows students to rent business clothes for use during interviews and the career fair that is hosted every semester in Junker.

In addition, the ACPC offers academic advising services for students in the Freshman and Sophomore years in order to “develop solid academic plans” as Behrend’s website puts it. Furthermore, they host a number of events throughout the semester on valuable skills such as major exploration, note-taking and time management. The ACPC is located on the second floor of Reed right outside of Bruno’s.

IT Help Desk

Technology has become a very important part of our lives, and that goes double for students. Located in three locations across campus in Hammermill, Burke and the Lilly Library, the IT Help Desk is able to help students with any problem they may have with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether it’s just getting the device connected to Penn State’s Wi-Fi or an actual repair that requires taking the device apart, the IT Help Deks has the tools to do it. It should be worth mentioning that Penn State will take no responsibility for any device that is broken in their care, so it is best to still go through the manufacturer or retailer if a device is still under warranty. Students can also call in a representative from IT to their room if they are having issues with the ethernet ports or getting a desktop computer connected to the internet.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Starting the second week of classes, the LRC offers tutoring services for any student who needs it. Students can either do it through individual appointments or by visiting one of the three drop-in centers located across campus to meet with a tutor. All tutors are fellow students who received a grade of either an A or an A- in the classes they tutor. All appointments are held in the upstairs of the Lilly Library as are all writing drop-ins as well as nighttime math drop-ins. Daytime math drop-ins are held in the upstairs of the science complex, while engineering and business drop-ins are located on the top floor of Burke by the faculty offices. Recently, TutorTrac the system used to set up appointments has been retired and replaced with Starfish.

Police and Safety

The campus police play an important role in keeping Behrend’s campus safe. In addition to handling all things to do with campus parking (including parking passes and tickets), police and safety respond to theft reports and all missing items found throughout campus are brought to their office, in the basement of Erie Hall. In addition, if a student doesn’t feel safe at any time, they can call in to receive and escort to whatever location on campus they need to get to.

Personal Counseling

A study published in 2018 found that three out of four college students report feeling stressed. Due to that, Behrend offers a number of services in order to help cope with stress including individual counseling, psychiatric services, crisis intervention, community referrals, support groups, programs on topics of well-being, resources for self-help,  and confidential and free services. Students are able to call or walk-in to make an appointment with a counselor. Any information discussed with a counselor, unless there is a clear a present danger to the student’s well being, is confidential and (so long as the student is over the age of 18) all academic and health records are considered their purview and their’s alone.