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Lawrence Hall "Fight Night"


Alex Bell, News Editor

Over the course of the last several weeks, Behrend students have been organizing and participating in fights in the hallways of Lawrence Hall. It appears that there was no malice in a majority of the fights, rather, the fights were a form of “fight club” which attracted viewers and participants campus wide.

Video of the “Fight Nights” first surfaced on the Instagram profile barstoolbehrend. The videos have since been taken down by the administrator(s) of the page.

The videos caught the attention of many students, and eventually the administration of Behrend after staff members of the Behrend Beacon expressed interest in pursuing the story. It appears as though, after word had leaked of administration finding the videos, the students who ran the “Fight Nights” stopped hosting them. Regardless, one video is being used by Residence Life to dig deeper into the situation.

Luis Rodriguez, a Coordinator of Residence Life, said that no details about the investigation are open to the student body for the anonymity and protection of those involved in the fights. However, Rodriguez did say that some students are being looked into.

“Residence life takes such matters very seriously and we follow up on any incident that comes to our attention,” Rodriguez said.

When asked if Resident Assistants (RAs) would be doing any extra rounds, or if extra attention would be paid to Lawrence Hall, Rodriguez stated that this would not be the case. Instead, Rodriguez explained that responsibility falls on the student community.

“Student life is a community and they have to hold each other accountable. They can report any incident online or to an RA,” said Rodriguez.

The scenario as a whole has created some interest in a healthy and safe environment to blow off some steam. Mike Lindner, director of Housing and Food Services, joked about the future of a boxing club or team at Behrend in an interview earlier this week.

The solution to this issue is yet to be determined, however there are certainly a wide array of possibilities that are open to the administration.