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Weekly meal prepping

Photo By: Sweet Pea Chef


Tresslyn Froehlich

Meal Prepping for the week: 


For most, meal prepping for the week can be overwhelming and costly, however, if you know how to plan out your meals the correct way it might make you look forward to grocery shopping. It is important that you stay patient as a beginner, don’t try to incorporate too many things at once. 


Pick a Day

You should have one day a week where you stock up on food, Sunday’s are usually the day for people to go grocery shopping but if you are too busy work days might work best for you. 


Pick the Meals: 

You need to know what recipes you want to prepare for in the coming week, you might not want to cook the same thing monday-friday. While you are picking your meals remember to prepare a well balanced meal, have a protein, a vegetable and a side dish. 


Keep your Ingredients Fresh: 

The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t put your ingredients away correctly and you waste your food. Make sure you use the right containers to keep your food safe, place your meats in a plastic bag and put in the freezer. This keeps your meats fresh for an extra few days, this might even save you a trip to the store the following week. 


Utilize your Kitchen: 

There is more to your kitchen than an oven and a stove, invest in a crock pot. This is a great appliance that allows you to finish other tasks while your food is cooking for you! For example, chicken can sit in your crock pot for 4-5 hours and with a good mixture of seasonings and sides, this can become the perfect dish. 


Use these tips before you get too stressed out about your upcoming grocery shopping. These tips can really turn an overwhelming situation into an enjoyable errand.