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New "Suicide Squad" comics releasing in December

Photo By: Hollywood Reporter


Aria Meixel, A&E Editor

Come this December, a new iteration of the Suicide Squad comics will be released, written by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, who also created the “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and “Injustice 2” comics. 

The two have been teasing various elements of the new comics on their social media platforms, including all-new characters that will be introduced alongside fan-favorites Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Although none of the new characters have been revealed with much detail beyond their designs yet, people are still excited to meet anti-heroes such as Jog, Thylacine, Wink, Lok, and Osita. Because of these brand-new characters added to the team, these books will be a fresh beginning for the series. 

This new beginning is confirmed when Taylor admits that some members of the Suicide Squad will not end up surviving through the series. In fact, some might even be killed off in the very first mission. “Truly, no one is safe,” Taylor says. The new regime that the characters are fighting under see them as assets, nothing more. If they do not survive the missions, they can just recruit more members. The members will also be very divided among each other, making tensions rise inside the team itself.

Taylor really wants to push the idea that these people are really going on suicide missions, and editors Brian Cunningham and Andrea Shea are completely behind him on that front. No one who picks up an issue to read should know what to expect, and even characters that are in the movies are not off limits. The purpose of this is so that, “readers [go] in with a sense of nervousness. Yes, there will be some despair for our team, but their victories will be sweeter. When and if they survive, it will feel big.”

Taylor also confirms that the series will have appearances from some of the more obscure villains within the DC canon, especially some of the ridiculous ones, such as Cavalier, Zebra Man, and Magpie. 

With the combined creative geniuses of Taylor and Redondo, fans are expecting this new series to be very ambitious, as well as incredibly emotional. Look out for the first issue, coming out on December 18th for $4.99.