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LEB hosts annual PaintU event

Photo By: Alicia Lint


Francesco Corso, News Editor

With another first week over, Behrend students were treated to the first major weekend event - PaintU. Hosted by the Lion Entertainment Board (LEB), students were treated to two hours of music provided by the group GlowRage.

Throughout the night, the group also sprayed glow-in-the-dark paint. At the start of the event, LEB provided each student with a white LEB t-shirt to wear during the event, which is meant to retain the paint if not washed immediately.

Following the festivities, LEB hosted an after-party in McGarvey Commons, which allowed students to make tye-dye shirts and go glow bowling.

The event saw 179 students in attendance, which according to LEB Executive Director, Connor Shearer, was about the same as last year, but was still low compared to years prior. “This is over Labor Day weekend,” Shearer said. “Usually, we have two weeks until Labor Day, so although we always have this on the first weekend, Labor Day might be conflicting with a couple of things.”

Shearer also noted a difference in advertising strategy being another reason for this drop. “The first year that we held this, we were aggressively advertising, whereas now we are doing a more standard advertising approach.”

Shearer stated, “This is the first actual weekend event. Although we were actually doing programming the weekend before, that was mainly tailored towards the freshman. This is the first truly college event that students have this semester.”

LEB, like the Lion Ambassadors, is an affiliate organization with the school, placing them above most of the other clubs and organizations on campus. The organization works directly with the Office of Student Activities in order to “serve to the cultural, educational, recreational, and social interests of the Behrend College and its community,” according to their mission statement. “We are the primary programming body on campus,” Shearer said. “We provide two events, at least two events every single week for the students.”

In addition, with Behrend being a dry campus, Shearer noted that LEB’s purpose is “to provide substance-free entertainment, so that is why we have the Behrend After Dark event going on from eleven to one on our Friday nights. It’s to give students an alternative to going out and drinking or doing drugs, or doing other activities that the school would be against.” 

According to their website, “[LEB] was started out of the need to have something for students to do on the weekends instead of go home. It has grown to be one of Behrend’s most active and longest-running student organizations.”

LEB meets on Wednesdays at 8:30 P.M. in Reed 114. These are open meetings, and any student is open to participate.