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Courtney Heinnickel

Many people have heard the term “senioritis” and wondered what that entailed, or thought that they wouldn’t ever catch it. I, personally, agree that it is a thing and that I have become less motivated to accomplish any homework as graduation gets closer. The finish line is very near and we only have a few more weeks until we are entering the “real world” and have to fend for ourselves. Webster’s Dictionary defined it as “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades.” From my own experience, I can say that I have become way less motivated. I am usually a Dean’s List student who gets all A’s, but this semester, I haven’t been very inclined to study in advance before the exams. I do believe that there are some ways to combat this and I plan to work on this toxic mindset because after all, we still have to pass the classes in order to graduate. One way to combat senioritis is to remember why you are here. Remember where you were when you first came to college and who you want to graduate as. I know that personally, I came in with huge goals to become successful, involved, and intrigued by the many different classes offered here. Remember that feeling of seeing your classes for the first time and work towards finding that similar high school wonder feeling that you recall from freshman year. One other way to combat this is to remember that we are in the home run now. There are countdowns leading up to the last day everywhere ranging from advertisements in Brunos to countdown apps on personal phones. These little reminders keep our spirits up and remembering that we do still have to strive to graduate successfully.


Many students are focusing on applying for jobs. There are so many possibilities right now and different ideas are flooding our heads on where we would like to move. We hold an important decision in our hands. Do we stay close to home in order to always be there for the family and be home for the holidays, or do we follow our goals and leave for newer and bigger cities? Senioritis has its moments where it can be used in a positive manner. One way is that it motivates us to apply for more jobs that are outside of our comfort levels. It also motivates us to strive for a GPA that is acceptable by recruiters. There are some perks to the senioritis in the sense that this is the time where we all realize that we need to have a job for when we graduate. This is the time where I spend most of my time applying for jobs rather than focusing on classes. I have already made some mistakes this semester that I know I wouldn't have done when I was younger and, in an odd way, have senioritis to thank.