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Sig Tau hosts annual Undie Run 

Photo By: @sigtaubehrend/Instagram 


Francesco Corso, News Editor 

Sometimes, it takes a bit of a spectacle in order to raise awareness about a cause. This idea runs at the core of the Undie Run hosted by Sigma Tau Gamma (Sig Tau) on campus, this past Friday. In this event, a group of guys, mostly brothers of Sig Tau, stripped down to their underwear and ran around the outside of Reed Union Building. 

“It’s something we’ve been doing for years now,” said James Lanham, the president of Sig Tau. “This is kind of our ... publicity stunt of our actual clothes drive we do, which we are running for five weeks this semester.”

In terms of turnout compared to previous years, Lanham expressed a bit of disappointment with the numbers. “Turnout was a little lacking this semester,” he said. “Which was kind of anticipated due to really not a whole lot of advertisement. So, I can’t say I’m upset, but I am disappointed.”

Despite that, Lanham remains optimistic about their efforts. “I mean, we’ve got BVZ here … We got all the brothers here, and it’s a busy weekend, so a lot of people saw us out and about and doing the run.”

The placement of other events on campus also affected the event. “When I was originally planning the event I wanted it on a Saturday,” Lanham said. “But the best Saturday of the semester is tomorrow, and Parents, Family and Alumni weekend is there, so they [Behrend] kinda didn’t let us do it tomorrow, so we moved it to today.”

When asked about the amount of clothes they hoped to collect, Lanham told the Beacon, “We don’t have a final tally yet, because we are doing tables for another two weeks, but last time we did the undie run, the monetary equivalent of the clothes we got was about $918, which is a pretty substantial amount of clothes, considering they’re all used and donated.” Lanham expressed hope that the fraternity will manage to exceed their previous year as well. “By what we have so far, we are looking at doing more than $918.”

The drive has been running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the last three weeks in Reed from eleven to three and will run at the same times for the next two. All clothes will be donated to the Erie City Mission.