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Sports: the gift that keeps on giving

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Even Ferguson, Sports Editor

While there are an ample number of things one can do in order to be happy or stay in shape, or use to fill a void, there’s one thing people can do to achieve all three of these things and then some: sports.

People find pleasure and happiness in different ways, whether it be through meditating, or through music, television etc. However, playing sports or being involved in or around them can provide much more to a person than simply a way to pass time. According to MU Health Care, sports provide many benefits to those who choose to partake in them. Studies show that playing sports can improve one’s academic success in the classroom, teach the concept of teamwork and problem-solving skills, can boost self-esteem, and reduce stress as well. Sports are also proven to improve your mood, concentration, and can even improve sleeping habits.

Sports require memorization, repetition, learning, and goal setting which all tie directly to the classroom. Playing sports also enhances one’s skills and coping with groups of people along with helping to solve problems that arise in anyone’s daily life.

For example, in sports, teams are forced to work alongside one another in completing a number of common goals which can be associated to someone dealing with issues with others in the workplace or friendship discourse.

Playing sports can, in a lot of instances, boost one’s self esteem by taking people out of their comfort zones and putting themselves in situations where they have no choice but to expand their horizons and learn more about themselves. Also, watching your hard work pay off and achieving goals can help to improve one’s self confidence. Achieving a sport or fitness goal can encourage you to reach other goals in your life as well. It can be an exciting and rewarding learning process. Sports also are known to be an activity that relieves stress because they require one’s undivided attention and force a person to take their mind off of negative things that could be going on in their personal life. By being on a sports team, one can make new friends who will be there for them in times of need. They can call up a teammate, go to the gym and play out whatever situation may be going on.

Sports can be not only healthy for you physically, but good for you mentally, socially and emotionally as well. While sports do a lot for somebody personally, they also bring people together and are one of the best forms of fellowship amongst other people in society, which in turn, benefits everybody. On campus here at Behrend, while we have the major sports, if you prefer to play a sport more under the radar or with less pressure, the school offers intramural sports and clubs. These involve playing different sports that anyone is welcome to join and be apart of. So don’t be afraid to join a sport, try out one you have a passion for already, or maybe just put yourself out there and try one and see where it leads you. Imagine the doors it will possibly open!