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Sun's out, spring trends in

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Katie Bagdon, Contributing Writer

Winter is coming to an end which means that spring is right around the corner, and it never shows up empty handed. With spring comes sunshine, warm temperatures, flowers blooming, and of course, new trends. Take advantage of them this season and be seen showing off some of the trendiest looks of the year!

One upcoming look is patterns. From leopard print, to stripes all the way to flowers, patterned tops, bottoms, and even shoes seem to be all the rave for this season. Many tops are covered in horizontal stripes while pants are mainly vertical. Leopard print or flowers are seen on dresses, skirts, tops, and heels or sandals. In nearly any popular clothing store, it’s easy to find patterns.

Another popular look for this season is adding texture with some vertical buttons or a knot. Buttons can be seen the whole way down the middle of a shirt, dress or skirt, or one fourth of the way down on a top. Knots are commonly added on the waist of pants, on the top of a shirt, or on the bottom. Sometimes people even incorporate them as the straps of their tank tops. Knots are even being added to swim suit tops to add that extra hint of beach girl vibe.

Next up, the rugby top. Many brands have taken their own approach to the typical athletic styled long-sleeved tee. Pink, by Victoria’s Secret has a rugby tee as do Vans sold at Pacsun. Pink’s rugby top is longer and looser to have a more casual comfy fit while Vans’ is a little more fitted and cropped incase someone’s feeling the comfy but stylish vibe. But the rugby top isn’t the only popular collared shirt.

There are also collared halter tops or collared polo t-shirts. The halter tops appear to be a modern take on the sheer collared button down that hit the stores around 2012. These new modern tops tend to be more fitted and cropped above the belly button and come in a variety of colors. The collared polo tees are usually found in some sort of pattern and with buttons one fourth of the way down. They are often cropped above the belly button as well.

When shopping for new trends this year, be sure not to forget about last year’s trends that are still sticking around for another season! These trends are tube tops, off the shoulder tops, and two-piece matching sets. Stores still seem to be filling the racks with many modern varieties of last year’s biggest looks. In order to make these pieces appear timeless and new, try pairing a tube top or two-piece set with a denim jacket and a pair of printed sandals. Pair a plain off the shoulder top with patterned pants to add a touch of fun making it feel like a brand-new top.

With all of the excitement of shopping for this season’s hottest trends don’t forget two important tips. First, never mix patterns. For example, if a shirt is leopard print, try to stay away from striped bottoms because the focal point is too large, so it causes confusion and simply just won’t match. Finally, don’t forget to layer. Whether it’s a denim jacket or an unzipped hoodie, layers add texture and an unexpected sense of mystery to the outfit. The layer can be worn when it’s chillier at night and taken off when it’s warmer out. It also gives the appearance that the outfit took a lot of time and thought when actually, a denim jacket can be paired with nearly anything so it’s easy to just quickly toss on.

Spring is on its way which means these new clothing looks are already here. Don’t miss out on the season. Make sure to get these trends before they go out of style!