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The bachelor jumps a fence after heartbreak

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AnaBell Lassiter & Tresslyn Froehlich

Arts & Entertainment Editors

The Bachelor has had its share of ups and downs all season long and this week was not an exception. Colton took his last 3 women to Algarve, Portugal, for this episode. The first girl to share a special day with Colton, as well as a potential overnight stay, was Tayshia.

The two had a romantic helicopter date as they continued their theme of dangerous adventures together; don’t forget their bungee jumping date just episodes ago.They landed on a beach and shared a beautiful lunch together. There, they created some beautiful memories, talking and laughing together.

After that, they met for dinner at the hotel, just steps away from the fantasy suite. The fantasy suite is an opportunity for the Bachelor to spend a private evening with the girl he spent the day with. It is at his discretion whether they actually think about spending the night together. If the Bachelor does not ask the woman to go to the fantasy suites, they are normally sent home.

Tayshia was not sent home. After telling Colton about her divorce as well as a dark time in her life, Colton pulled an envelope from under the tablecloth and asked her to spend the night with him. Everyone began wondering if Colton would lose his virginity that night. The next morning, though, Tayshia confirmed that they had had an innocent night full of talking and nothing more. She seemed disappointed and Colton even seemed a bit distant from her in the morning.

It made a lot of sense when he left, because we then learned that the next date was with Cassie, who Colton later admitted to not being able to stop thinking about even when he was with other girls.

Colton and Cassie had a beautiful day in Portugal, sharing a romantic stroll and even danced in the middle of the street. The date took a strange turn when Colton had to confess to Cassie that he did not get her father’s permission to propose to Cassie. Cassie shed a few tears and left her date with Colton feeling confused and devastated.

The episode heats up as Cassie’s father shows up to her hotel room and talks her into choosing a different path when in comes to Colton and hers relationship. Her father leaves and Cassie decides she is going to end things with Colton at dinner.

Cassie and Colton’s date started with Cassie talking to Colton about her doubts. Colton goes into shock after finding out Cassie intends to leave and even admits to loving her and not feeling the same way with the other girls. Colton starts to shake and walks Cassie to her car, the pair share sweet ‘I love you’s’ and Colton watches the woman he loves drive off into the dark.

Finally the Bachelor fans get to see the infamous fence jump the show has been teasing  all season long. Colton was able to hold most of his emotion in until she left. Up to that point, we had only seen him trembling uncontrollably. However, after she left, things truly started to go downhill. He first stormed up to the fantasy suite. A few moments later though, he re emerged from the room with his coat and scarf on, muttering that he was done with the show. The camera crew followed him as a girl ran off to get Chris Harrison. Chris went after Colton, walking behind him as they watched him face the dead end: a fence. Just as they were about to close in on him, though, Colton hopped, pulling himself over the fence with his arms and disappearing into the dark night of Portugal.

This week, find out where Colton went and what will happen to the remaining girls, Hannah and Tayshia.