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The Jonas Brothers are back

Photo By: NME.com


Christopher Sahovey

The Jonas Brothers are reportedly getting back together after more than six years apart.

According to several sources, they were recently seen together in London making plans to

Reunite. “It definitely wasn’t one conversation, it was many. We started spending a lot of time together and we all kind of felt that there was a magic and there is magic when we’re together that we missed…” Nick Jonas said on Sirius XM Morning Mash Up.

Rumors that the Jonas Brothers were getting back together were first sparked in early 2018 after their original Instagram page was reactivated for the first time in four years, according to US Magazine.

“I used to listen to them back in 2013. I liked their music,” said Angel Mora, a student at Penn State Behrend. It was a devastating moment to many fans when they broke up in October 2013, days after they suddenly canceled their tour and deleted their Twitter account.

Nick officially took responsibility for the breakup back in 2016 on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. On the show, he explained that he initiated the breakup conversation just two days before the brothers were set to go on tour, according to seventeen.com. At the time, the brothers had been fighting for a while. It reportedly took the band so long to get back together because they had to spend time in therapy hashing things out and working on individual projects.


Now that their back together, they haven’t officially announced a tour yet but rumor has it that they are already planning to have some special guests join them. “It’s kind of like coming out of retirement a little bit. It took time to get back into music again, doing the thing that was so much a part of our life, but now it feels so incredible to work together again. I never thought it was going to happen…” Kevin Jonas said on a chat with Z100’s Elvin Duran.

“I’m happy about them being back because I really enjoyed listening to their music while

growing up. It really takes me back to my youth,” said Samantha Oliver, a student at Penn State Behrend.

Their reunion announcement came days before CBS News reported a Jonas Brothers documentary announced by Amazon. The documentary will appear exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. A title and release date will be announced later according to the news story.

The Jonas Brothers were formed in 2005 and released four full-length studio albums during their time together. All their fans are waiting and holding their breath to see if they will get back together. Here is to hoping!