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The college guide to gratitude


Molly Grack, Contributing Writer

Thanksgiving break means college students finally get a break from the non-stop weeks of the fall semester. It is also commonly our last week of sanity before finals week starts to set in. These next two weeks are likely the craziest of the semester for many. Thanksgiving break often helps us remember that school is bigger than the stress and reminds us to be thankful for everything in our lives.

The week of Thanksgiving gives students and teachers time to reconnect with their families after a long fall semester. We all finally get to take a step back from lectures, projects, papers, homework, and readings. We get to celebrate food, family, friends, and love. No more stressing about what broke college kids eat, but instead gasping in the turkey and stuffing. This break from the stresses that are so common among college students allows us to really enjoy Thanksgiving.

But some of us still worry about school work and finals quickly approaching during Thanksgiving break. Some students need to catch up on work or start studying for their, what seems as countless, finals. On the bright side of this, these students get a whole week to just worry about that. Not having to worry about all the hours spent in the classroom takes an enormous weight off their back. These students freely have the time that they would be spending in class plus all the other time they would already be spending on their work. Not to mention no class also means no additional work that will be assigned. That being said, no matter if you had work to accomplish over break, there is still a silver lining to Thanksgiving break and we should all be thankful for this time we had off to ourselves.

Now that everyone is back in the swing of things, back to classes and homework,perhaps we have something to be thankful for. First of all, next time a break rolls around, let that time with friends and family fuel you to finish strong. Remember the times with them and think about how proud you have made them from almost getting through this first semester of the year. Second of all, just think, this is the last hoorah until an entire month off. If you’re finding yourself lacking motivation now that we are back in full force, take Thanksgiving break as a sneak peek to this winter break and push through these last weeks to the finish line. Another thing to be thankful for is being done with these hectic 15 weeks and starting new for next semester. Next semester is a fresh new start, new routine, new classes, and new teachers.

After this Thanksgiving break, remember these college struggles won’t be here for long. This semester is almost done and you are almost back to family and friends. There is more to college than the stress that comes with it. Cherish these last couple weeks with your college friends and the teachers you have this semester. Finish these last couple weeks and finals strong and keep in mind the goal you are trying to reach and why you are here. We are all here for a reason and never lose sight of your goals, they keep you going.