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Time to slip on those tennis shoes

Photo By: Matt Thompson/Penn State Behrend


AnaBella Lassiter, Arts & Entertainment Editor

With spring upon us, the weather is beginning to warm up and more people are wanting to spend time outside rather than inside. With this being said, that means it is a great time to start exercising outside again, so here are some ideas for what you can do this coming April!

The sun is peeking out more and more with everyday that passes, making the air warmer and the outdoors a lot less depressing. One of the great advantages of Behrend is the pathways. With smooth pavement, walking, biking, and running are seemingly great ideas. Behrend’s pathways wrap around the entire campus, not to mention some trails that are even made out in the forests behind the science complex.

So, getting on those shorts or leggings and tying up those laces for a nice walk or run around campus is a great way to stay fit while also enjoying the weather. Seeing that Behrend has abundant nature, your eyes always have something to look at for the duration of your workout.

One path that is a great challenge is beginning at Lawrence, jogging across the street to Burke, going down to Junker, and turning left and crossing the street where the library is. Keep jogging past Bruno’s, Senat, and turn left once you reach Otto Behrend Science building, and push yourself to get up that large hill that takes you to Ohio Hall. It is a fun challenge, especially since you get to spend majority of the time warming up, moving downhill, or walking on a majorly flat path, and then finishing off with that monstrous hill.

Biking is another great idea. Again, with all of the paved pathways on campus, biking is a nice way to exercise while also enjoying the weather. Especially with the hills on campus, there is always a challenge to be taken on for a biker.

Aside from the paved paths around campus, there is a lot of land that is not being used around campus also. The fields behind the science complex, for example, are great to take yoga mats to and do pilates or yoga. The fields actually receive a great amount of sunlight on warm days, too, so it truly is a hidden treasure to workout at while soaking up some Vitamin D.

For those who like to workout with friends, Behrend offers multiple areas to play sports. There are the tennis courts, the soccer field, and even a volleyball court up at the apartments. Get six to ten friends together, and make some memories going against each other at some friendly sports games!

If you are not too open about exercising and want to go somewhere more private outside to workout, the woods around campus have beautiful trails. Wear some shoes with good traction, take a friend, and go explore them! A majority of the trails follow along with the Wintergreen Gorge as well, so the sound of running water and the view from the trails are normally stunning, especially when the sun is shining down on the water!

These are just a few ideas when it comes to exercising around Behrend. Although Erie is taking its sweet ol’ time to warm up, the sun is coming out more and more. Get out of your dorm, let your skin absorb those rays, and take a walk or ride or get a game going with friends because warm weather is a great excuse to get outside, especially when Behrend has so many wonderful things for you to do!