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Tips & tricks to conquer finals

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Natalia Blake, Contributing Writer

When thinking about finals, usually what accompanies that thought is stress. Students often get frazzled at the mention of the word. Stress-eating becomes a common occurrence for much of our student body. The stress levels over finals are felt all over campus. Finals are such a big part of our entire semester and weigh so much on our grade that they become our only focus in these final weeks of the semester.

Students stop doing activities they may have been trying out at other points in the semester in order to gain more study time. And living on campus means more late nights in the library. Quiet hours are in effect earlier to optimize our time all around campus allowing you more time to put into all your classes for that final push of energy that is in your body somewhere!

Many students feel the pressure of doing good as GPA, parents’ approval, and the continuation towards their major is affected if finals hit them hard. Athletes and clubs are also affected as students may no longer be able to participate in their activity if their grades are unsatisfactory.

Overall the student body seems stressed out which is typical this time of year. Everyone has 2 more papers due in this class, a presentation in that class, and a sports game this weekend. Their focus is everywhere and everything is all due right now before it’s over! Elaine Kahle said, “Finals get to be a really crazy time of year for me” which embodies just about every student here. There is no week with finals that has a day of rest in it unless you build it in or have a friend watching your back!

So, get together that study group or isolate yourself if that’s what you prefer and start studying now so you don’t feel as anxious walking into these remaining tests. This semester has already come and gone and just like that, we will soon be on break. If finals go as fast as the rest of the semester, you’ll be done in a flash. I wish all of you luck in these upcoming finals and hope your stress levels stay low.

In one week, finals begin. After that, going home is the only item left on your agenda. And since we know that the biggest question we will be asked is “How’s school going?” by every family member, how about we make that answer, “It’s great,” and truly be prepared for our finals! If needed, shoot for giving yourself some sort of tangible reward so that finals are just an obstacle to something greatly desired. Whether that be a milkshake or a video game, have faith in yourself! Finals are not something to be feared and with the right amount of preparation, can actually be a sigh of relief because the semester has officially ended!