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Sig Tau to host annual Undie Run 


Jeremiah Hassel, News Editor

Traditions. It seems everyone has them, but what do they mean? For some, traditions are a tether to the things that make people feel safe, comforted, and at home. For others, traditions season their year with events and activities to look forward to. 

At Penn State, traditions run deep. They are what makes students a part of the Blue and White nation, what differentiates the university from any other in the country. The branch campuses even have several of their own traditions, upheld each year in cultural displays of Penn State pride. 

For the Behrend branch of the nationally accredited social fraternity and philanthropy Sigma Tau Gamma (Sig Tau), one such tradition is the annual Undie Run event and fundraiser. Participating students run a race around campus in their underwear and donate the clothes off their backs to the Erie City Mission.  

“This event is pretty old,” said junior political science major Bailey Rollage, President of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the director of recruitment for Sig Tau. “Us and the Erie City Mission have a pretty tight bond as we donate food to them every two weeks and we donate clothes once a semester to them.”

In preparation for the run and social event – which this year will be held Sep. 20 – Sig Tau will staff tables outside of Bruno’s for a clothing drive in which students are able to donate old or used clothing and even new articles for the benefit of the Erie City Mission. The total of clothing items is then tallied and an amount configured for their worth, which is then reported to the Mission when the clothes are delivered. 

“We’ll get in contact with the Erie City Mission and tell them we have a sizeable donation,” said Rollage. “We’re everywhere trying to support this.” 

This year, the run will feature pizza to be delivered before the main event. Runners will then take their marks, race, and the top finishers will receive prizes. Following the event, an ice cream social will be held and the final donations from the race included in the tally. 

Rollage and Sig Tau will donate the clothing the following day to the Erie City Mission, which they hope will exceed last year’s total of $3,500 worth in items and around 30-40 runners. The fraternity has already garnered two large bags of clothes since they began fundraising Wednesday.

Rollage encourages members of the student body to participate in the fundraiser and come out to the event. “We have a fun time doing it,” said Rollage. “Who doesn’t like running in their underwear?”