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Jarecki, Elhadary share their plans for the upcoming year


Alex Bell, News Editor

Following their uncontested race, John Jarecki and Safinaz Elhadary are preparing for their time as President and Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the upcoming year. They have taken their time in the SGA for the past year heavily into account while planning for their continued leadership.

Jarecki has said that he plans to continue working on many of the projects that he began this year as president. While Elhadary has said that she is pleased with the results of this past year, but she has many ideas for the coming year. This dynamic between the duo will allow them to have a diversity of ideas as well as the ability to complete several projects.

Both agree that their primary goal is creating an SGA filled with ambitious and dedicated students. “I want the student government next year to be something that people can’t help but want to get involved with,” said Jarecki. Elhadary echoed this, saying that she wants to see more individual responsibility for projects that the organization undertakes, and for students to take more initiative. Some of the criticism that the organization faced this year were students and members of the SGA who believed that the organization was not doing as much as they could be with the resources that they have available to them.

“We have very little administrative power to unilaterally enact the change we seek... some see this as an impediment, but it’s really a challenge that members of the student government must be willing to meet,”Jarecki said. “To be successful next year we must be deliberate in our aims, endure steadfast in the face of pushback, and most importantly remain united in understanding one another.”

Specifically, both Jarecki and Elhadary believe that undertaking more expansive projects will draw in students with an interest in making a difference on campus. The focus on commuter spaces on campus will continue, according to Jarecki, as a position is being made (and $10,000 delegated to paying) for an employee of the school to handle the concerns of commuter students. Several other projects will continue as well, such as the work of the Behrend Beautification committee and the introduction of the “Lion Bench” which are both meant to increase student pride in both Penn State and specifically Behrend. However, somewhat more substantially, the duo plan on empowering students to help members of the Harborcreek community get elected, with a focus on candidates who are open to a solution to the ongoing problems with Jordan Road.

“We have some serious issues... but I think with this e-board that was sworn in yesterday, with the cabinet that will get appointed soon, I have no doubt that we’ll be able to deliver on the promises that we made,” Jarecki said to the student body during the SGA’s Correspondents’ Dinner.