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Wattpad strikes deal with Brazil's Wise Entertainment 

Photo By: Wattpad


Aria Meixel, A&E Editor

Storytelling platform Wattpad has entered into a deal with Brazilian producer Wise Entertainment, their first in a Latin-American country, to help them create shows and movies for their audiences.

Wattpad will use their AI technology known as “Story DNA Machine Learning Technology” to find the stories on their platform that are performing the best, thus would be the best to develop for the screen. Wise Entertainment will be taking these Portuguese-language stories on Wattpad and developing them into film projects that are primarily for audiences in Brazil but will eventually be distributed globally.

This is not the first time that stories that originated on Wattpad will be given TV and movie adaptations. Hulu’s Emmy-nominated series “Light as a Feather” started out as a series on Wattpad by author Zoe Aarsen, the recent film “After,” before it was a novel, was a story on the platform, and Netflix’s popular romantic comedy “The Kissing Booth” was first a story on Wattpad.

Wise Entertainment is no stranger to successful projects, either. They are best-known for their series “East Los High,” a six-time Emmy-nominated series that portrays the lives of inner-city Latino high schoolers in Los Angeles. All of the actors, creators, and writers on this show were Latino. It’s important to Wise Entertainment that their projects tell stories from voices that are under-represented in mainstream media, which is why they’re excited for this chance to work with Wattpad. “Wattpad has a community of millions of young people who are sharing these diverse perspectives on a daily basis. Wattpad created an ecosystem that is both a storytelling community and a cultural compass for IPs and new voices,” says Mauricio Mota, co-president of Wise Entertainment.

Although this is their first time working with a Latin American company, Wattpad has deals similar to this with entertainment companies all over the world, across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Wattpad cares about the authors who publish on their platform, and is looking forward to being able to help them bring their stories to a whole new kind of global audience.