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Windows shuts down mobile service


Bella Lassiter, Contributing Writer

Windows’ phone users, get ready to trade in your Windows 10 mobile phones for an Android or Apple device because Microsoft phones will no longer be working at the end of this year. Microsoft has decided to call it quits on its mobile phone support as the phone market is highly competitive and Microsoft is struggling to win over any more potential consumers.

Microsoft began their own mobile line in the earlier part of the century, but despite this early start, the company never got a strong handle on their products, resulting in little success, according to USA Today. Once the iPhone came out in 2007, Microsoft was in even deeper trouble because they had a competitor.

As the years went by, Microsoft would consistently struggle to keep up with the latest models, updates, and advancements of not only iPhones but Androids as well. In the end, trying to go against these other companies was something that Microsoft was simply unable to do.

One area in which many think Microsoft went wrong was in its apps. CNBC reported that there was a limited number of apps available to the consumer while more popular and desired apps were available on Apple devices as well as Android. This alone is believed to have taken a lot of consumers away from Microsoft.

Terry Myerson, prior head of Microsoft Phone, even stated, “Building our early versions of Windows Phone on an incomplete Windows CE platform, designed for small embedded systems, left us too hobbled to ever catch up.”

Now, after more than a decade of fruitless efforts, Microsoft has called off the Windows 10 mobile support, their latest technological update for their phones, urging consumers to move on to buy from their competitors.

One man who had a lot to say on the subject was Microsoft fanatic, Jason Ward. Ward began using the Microsoft mobile phone in 2006 and never looked back. Although he relays a lot of why he chose Microsoft to financial reasons, he still appreciated what Microsoft was doing and how the phones were set up. However, the switch to an Android, he has concluded, is not terrible.

Posted on Windows Central, Ward said, “Even through the waves of disappointments familiar to enthusiasts who've endured the promises and failures of Windows-on-phone, I held on to what I liked through the years. I liked Windows phone,” he declared. “But neither sentiment, preference, nor hope was sufficient to keep me tethered to a platform that could no longer meet my current and evolving needs.”

Some of his needs involved apps. As mentioned before that one problem was the limited number of apps available to Microsoft consumers, Ward was also faced with this problem. “A growing frustration has been missing apps that are useful for me and my wife's growing small business.” Ward explained, “As a new Android convert, the experience of knowing the apps I want or need are there evokes a feeling of assurance to which I, as a Windows phone user, am not accustomed.”

The Microsoft 10 mobile support is announced to be officially stopped on December 10th of this year, according to the company’s announcement. According to ZD Net, Microsoft also said that it would keep supporting mobile phone backups until March 10, 2020.

So, Microsoft consumers have a little time left with their devices. However, the end is in sight, and it’s time to switch mobile phones.