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Julia Fitzgibbon, Contributing Writer 

What comes to mind when someone says zombies? Halloween, the walking dead, or along the lines of the new Zombieland movie coming out? Well it is now a new dating term as well. Everyone thought that ghosting was the newest dating term for millenials to turn to but zombie-ing is quite common and thus, the arise of a new era of relationship slang strikes once again. 

Zombie-ing refers to dating someone for a bit of time and out of nowhere, they’re gone. But, a few months later they creep into one’s texts/dms with “hey” or something totally casual. This phenomenon can also be referred to as haunting. How did this term come about? It’s pretty much how a relationship seemed dead and then that one person comes back to life- like a ghost or zombie. But it is getting hard to keep up with all of these relationship terms that have been created since the ability to find potential partners in an area increased from internet dating sites, such as Tinder. Although Zombie-ing has been around, it just was not formally given a name until recently. It is also related to the other relationship term called “bread crumbling”, which is a trend where people can lead potential partners on, sometimes with sparingly texts, with no intentions of starting a relationship. The terminology has now been covered. But what should someone do in the position of getting zombie-ed or breadcrumbing? There is always the choice of replying back to them if one pleases to do so, but it is best to forget about the whole thing if recovering from heartbreak/hurt feelings. If one wants to reply back, it might be best to see what the other person’s intentions are to prevent more headaches and saying all girls/guys suck. 

After all of this ghosting, haunting, breadcrumbing someone might be going through, it might be best to just chill and stop using the relationship apps. But at the end of the day, this time on the planet is short so make the best of it, whatever that might be. But remember, that the block button is and always will remain your best friend. If one is done playing games, hang up the cleats, and take a relaxing bath/shower. You deserve it.